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Hello there! 

The crafting world has been owl crazy for a while. And I love it! Here I share with you some lovely free crafts found online. Click on the pictures for the links to patterns. Some great bloggers out there!

Let me know what you think: which is your favorite? Which will you be making? To motivate myself (and yourselves) I will launch a craft-a-long with the most popular one!


First up is crochet of course, since that is my craft du jour right now. This adorable crochet owl rattle is by Naomi from her blog Lovely little life. Looks like it can be made pretty quickly and would make a lovely gift. I’ll be making this for my little EL who is soon 6 months.


Who wouldn’t want one of these? I adore beautiful crafts that are also useful. Owl tape measure cover from Tiny Apartment Crafts. So cute! Would make a great gift!


Quirky little pillowbox owls from Kerry’s paper crafts. Great for giving a voucher, candies, a chocolate bar. Fun!


Gorgeous felt owl ornaments from Jessica Levitt at Juicy bits. It seems I have a bit of a penchant for colourful owls with googly eyes!

And finally…….

(I don’t know if you would call this a craft, strictly speaking, but I am all for anything that makes mealtimes more fun and encourages young children to eat up! )


….”what is that?? “, you’re thinking.

Well, I made  a version of this fun  open sandwich. The rather more prof looking original is by Jill from the blog Meet the Dubians. My sandwich, as well as my picture; is a far cry from the beautifully stylised picture on Jill’s blog. But I don’t really mind because I made it, in a huge hurry amidst a chaotic saturday afternoon. And little IK seemed to like it, especially once she figured out what it was.

Which admittedly took a little longer then I had anticipated. I do believe the word  frog was mentioned first. I pretended not to hear….. 

Have a hoot this weekend!

Marilyn x


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